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Talk to out team of expert and consultants about any proposed plan and idea towards making a better living, in turn inmproving and growing your assets.

Its Simple and Easy. Go to the registration page to create an account. Now you are ready to start investing.

We operate following a secured client content protection policy that help protect all client’s data and information.

To start an investment, first login to your newly created account, navigate to the deposit page, select a plan that suits you best, complete your first deposit process, your deposit gets approved and your investment gets started.

Yes, Bellaray investments options gives you the felixibility to make a trust investment. Note: Trust investments must be in compliance with the Bellaray terms of services.

The support team is always available to take your questions anytime, simply use the LiveChat to talk to any agent or send us any email: support@belltar.com

Generally, active investments on Bellaray are not liquid. Once your investment has been fully processed, you cannot cancel your investment for the remaining duration of the offering. You can however choose to terminate your investment but the service charge must be paid in full. Your investment is considered fully processed after we've delivered the countersigned investment documents, verified your accreditation status, and received your payment.

How does Referral Work

Get referral link from referral page, Share your referral link or QR code with your friends and social media. Earn upto 10% of friends deposit, when your friends start investing. Invite more friends to earn more

Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program was initiated to enable us increase our reach and earn more for our clients Increase your referral earning rate by signing up for our Affiliate Program Earn upto 20% of friends deposit, when your friends invest. Affiliate Program are only available to clients that have upto 2 referrals already

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